The Photo Studio

Formriket Studio 33
Foto: Linus Hallsenius

2020 has been a miserable year, especially for a photographer that focuses mostly on sports and entertainment with a pitch of politics. However 2021 is around that corner and I am determined to make the coming year better than this one, COVID be damned.

So I am happy to announce that I am now going to be working out of Formriket Studio 33 on Kungsholmen joining a small group of incredibly talented photographers sharing the studio space.

When I started moving towards working as a photographer some 10 years ago a photo studio was something that seemed like a far off and impossible luxury. All these years later it’s finally become a reality. I’m hoping that having access to a photo studio is going to allow me to widen the scope of my work exploring different types of photography, learning new skills, and meeting new people along the way.

If you are in the neighborhood (Pontonjärgatan 33) swing by for a cup of coffee.