Capturing Moments with Precision: A Seasoned Press Photographer With 15+ Years of Expertise Across Diverse Genres and Environments.

I am a versatile press photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden, with over fifteen years of experience covering a wide spectrum, ranging from sports and entertainment to news & politics. My portfolio includes capturing moments with royalty, as well as creating studio portraits of notable figures such as authors, artists, and other individuals of interest.

Originally educated in photography for film & cinema, I embarked on my career as a gaffer/grip in film and television productions. After several years in the Scandinavian film industry, I found myself increasingly drawn to still photography, reveling in the satisfaction and freedom of working behind the camera.

In 2010, I made a complete transition to working full-time as a still photographer, quickly ascending to the pinnacle of my field. Over the past fifteen years, I have amassed extensive experience catering to a diverse clientele, including international photo agencies, newspapers, corporate entities, and globally recognized brands.

About photographer Michael Campanella

Member of:

Svenska Fotografers Förbund
International Sports Press Association

Photography Portfolio:

If I’m not out photographing you can catch me at the studio.

I have a wonderful photo studio located on Kungsholmen, in the heart of Stockholm. The studio is fully equipped and features a 4.30 meter wide cyclorama with a roof height of 3.25 meters.

Ideal for doing a wide variety of work ranging from portraiture and headshots to fashion and product photography.

On top of that we have the best coffee in town.