Tags over 8 years


I’ve had this blog for over eight years now. The first year had no direction and was just random posting. The second year I started shooting sports and that gave me a clear path to follow and goals to achieve. Being a bit of a sucker for analytics and organization I thought it would be cool to look at all the tags used so far. So here it is tags over 8 years:

Football is the big winner, being used 94 times. Of the Stockholm teams Djurgårdens IF appears the most, 58 times. That makes sense as when I first started, it was because they were willing to give me accreditation when others ignored me. After that it is Allsvenskan, the top Swedish football league. That tag appears 48 times.

I think it is a pretty good picture of my interest. Football dominates. There are also sprinkles of tech stuff in among the tags.

If I could choose what would I like to see 8 years from now? A lot more European football. More Italian football, I’m still in Italy as I type this having just covered Italy-Spain. That’s what I would like in my heart of hearts. What I expect is a bit different. Concerts and Royals should continue to grow. More parity among the Stockholm teams.

It will be fun to see it continue to grow.

Thanks for stopping by!