Select subject coming to Photoshop CC


Yesterday Adobe gave a sneak peak of the brand new select subject feature that is coming to Photoshop CC in the future. Select subject uses machine learning to detect the subject of a photo and allow you to select it with just one click. No more Pen Tool. No more mucking about with the Magnetic Lasso Tool. Just a quick one click selection.

This is going to be huge! Making complicated selections in Photoshop is what in my opinion separated those who skim the surface of Photoshop and those who really dive in.

As already mentioned the feature is based on machine learning. In the past few years we have been hearing a lot of talk from companies like Apple and Google about machine learning but it’s much nicer nice to see use cases coming from Adobe in our professional work tools.

Really looking forward to this one.

Source: Adobe Photoshop (YouTube)