Remove the Google Chrome notification icon


Recently I noticed that Google Chrome put a new icon up in the system tray of the OS-X menu bar. I found this a little surprising as I didn’t add it and I try to keep as little stuff in there as possible. It’s something that reminds me of the worse of Windows software.

Google Chrome notification icon

Yes Google, kings of the open Internet with their mandate to not do evil, put crap in my system tray without bothering to ask. To add insult to injury there is no obvious way to remove it. The Mac icons can be removed by holding down the cmd key and dragging them out of the menu bar. All third party icons normally have a setting which allows you to remove them.

But not Chrome …

So what do you do when you need to find a solution on the internet? Turn to Google Search.

It turns out you can go to this address chrome://flags in the Chrome address bar and then search for either Enable Rich Notifications Mac on Chrome 34 or Notification Center behavior Mac on Chrome 35. When you’ve found it change the setting to disable and restart the browser.

Poof it’s gone … at least for now.