One last match before the Euro break


Was back out photographing football yesterday evening. The weather was much nicer than last time and it was the final game I photograph before the Swedish league suspends for the Euro.

Even though the weather was much nicer a sunny day can be very annoying to photograph in. The sun was pretty high but very much from the side. Leaving the pitch half in the shade and half in the sun. You would often end up with situations where the background is very hot and the foreground is very cool. Which is a nightmare for the camera’s metering system. You end up continuously changing settings. Adding and removing exposure compensation, switching to spot metering, and so fourth.

One last match before the Euro break - 1 of 5

Luckily shooting RAW you have a lot of room to work with after the game when you are sitting the press room. But the changing conditions make the post take much more time. Correcting white balance becomes almost a per image decision rather than something you can select and blanket on top of all the images. And so fourth.

Today I was happy to see one of my pictures (not posted) featured in the newspaper Expressen. But even more than that I was super thrilled to see another of my pictures used as the löpsedel, which is basically a poster of the days newspaper that is given to stores like 7-11 to have in their window for advertising. I’ve had the day off and got to cruise around town and see my picture on all types of storefronts.

One last match before the Euro break - 2 of 5

That picture I did post, it’s the second to last image. With that I leave you with some images and am off for some vacation time in Italy.

One last match before the Euro break - 3 of 5
One last match before the Euro break - 4 of 5
One last match before the Euro break - 5 of 5

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