Marilyn Manson performs in concert in Stockholm

Marilyn Manson performs in Stockholm - Michael Campanella Photography

No time to sit around and mope over Italy’s failure to qualify for the World Cup. I closed out the day yesterday by swinging by Annexet to photograph Marilyn Manson as he performed on his “The Heaven Upside Down” tour.

I had come directly from another assignment photographing the Swedish Royal family so I was in full suit and tie, along with my colleague Pelle we were by far the best dressed people at the concert.

Manson offered us photographers one whole song to photograph instead of the industry standard of three. So it really was even more of a quick in and out job.

Today I’m working in the office doing some archive work and sorting things out. Soon I will go grab some lunch with a colleague and talk photo for bit. The American rapper Joey Badass is performing tonight and I wanted to go get some shoots of him as well but I have to skip that because I got a family thing tonight. Tomorrow night the rock band Stone Sour is playing and if we get approval I should be going to photograph them. Other than that I have mostly royal assignments in my calendar in the coming weeks. A bit boring now that Allsvenskan is over for the year.

Marilyn Manson performs in Stockholm - Michael Campanella Photography