Low-Key Fashion Week

Low-Key Fashion Week - Michael Campanella Photography

I covered another Fashion Week Stockholm for Getty Images this week. I’ve been covering Fashion Week for several years now and it’s a pretty nice assignment that I genuinely look forward to.

This Fashion Week, by previous standards, was a pretty low-key affair. I think one of the principal companies that organized the event went bankrupt after last summers event. So everything was scaled back. Where previously the main shows were held at the Grand Hotel, this time the main shows were at the Stockholm Auctions House (Stockholms Auktionsverk). This was a much smaller venue both in terms of the runway and the area available backstage.

Still, two days went by quick, with enjoyable shows and working with fantastic colleagues. I hope that by the time the next Fashion Week rolls around in August this new organization can get some more sponsors in order and raise the level of the show again.