2016 Year In Review


Looking back on 2016 it’s been a crazy and tumultuous year. We’ve seen a lot of people pass away. From musical legends like Prince and David Bowie, historical icons like Muhammad Ali and Fidel Castro. The summer brought Brexit to Europe and then the fall decided to one up it and bring the election of Donald Trump to America. It’s been a year were to often it has felt as if we are teetering on the edge. And so it seems a little strange to look back on it so positively, but truth be told it’s been a great year for me in terms of the assignments I covered this year.

I began the year working for Samsung, and in change of pace doing PR photography for them in Norway at the youth winter Olympics. Once I made it back to Stockholm I covered the Ski world cup.

Audi FIS Ski World Cup 2016 (2 of 20)

I was not able to cover the Euros in France over the summer, but I did get down to Italy over Easter and cover a friendly match between Italy and Spain at the newly built Dacia Stadium.

Italy vs Spain - Michael Campanella Photography

One of the biggest assignments I had this year covering the Eurovision final. Which was not only a lot of fun, but also saw my work published on the front page of CNN.

Eurovision - Michael Campanella Photography

At the start of the summer I made it down to Milano and San Siro in order cover the Champions League final for the my second time. An exciting derby match between Marid’s Real and Atletico. I’ve seen my work from this used by everyone from ESPN to UEFA.

The fall brought Pope Francis on visit to Sweden for a joint commemoration between the Catholic and Lutheran churches. Of course I was sent down to Malmö and Lund and was on hand to snap some pictures.

And of course I can’t forget about the Godfather himself Francis Ford Coppola who attended the Stockholm Film Festival and received a lifetime achievement award.

Francis Ford Coppola visits Stockholm - Michael Campanella Photography

And that is not counting all of the Allsvenskan football matches, the countless Royal events, and all of the other great work I’ve gotten to do in 2016.

On Instagram I slacked off a bit this year and only posted a hundred odd pictures or so. Here are my nine most popular one:

Instagram Best Nine 2016 - Michael Campanella Photography

On this blog I was much more active than previous years and managed to turn out 66 posts this year, 67 counting this one. It’s really going to be hard to top that in 2017 but well see what we can do.

So as we wrap up 2016 I guess all that is left to say is thanks for visiting the site and being a part of my work. Bellow is a map of all of the visitors this site has received in 2016.

Website visitors in 2016 - Michael Campanella Photography