Links #9


This was the final week of my paternity leave. Alessandra started her daycare and it went surprisingly well. She took to it right away and really had no problems being there. This coming week I am back at work full time and back to the office. Some interesting things are already in motion. Pretty close to booking 2019’s first out of the country work trip. I’m not going to say anything now but hopefully next week I can spill the beans.

World Press Photo Contest 2019 – the nominees

I actually missed this one last week, but here are the nominees for the 2019 Word Press Photo Contest.

The 2019 Oscars in Photos

I’m not too big on the Oscars. I think over the years they have gotten a lot of things wrong. A lot of winners that in my opinion have not stood the test of the time. Dances with Wolves winning Best Picture ahead of Goodfellas being probably the ultimate example.

Personal grievances aside here are a bunch of pictures from the 2019 Academy Awards courtesy of The Atlantic.

ISO is totally FAKE. Seriously

Hot take or click bait? Photographer Tony Northrup makes his case for ISO in modern cameras being completely fake. What do you think?

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019 – in pictures

Some really spectacular work in this selection of photos. One day I am going to get my diving license and try my hand at underwater photography.

ISO Is Not Fake and Tony Northrup Is Wrong

Here is the counter-argument to the ISO is totally fake video I linked.

No More Lithium-Ion Batteries in Passenger Plane Cargo Holds

If you are traveling to the United States you can no longer leave Lithium-Ion batteries in your checked in luggage but will have to have all of them in your carry-on luggage instead.

See you next week.