Links #8


The eight week of 2019 is done and over with. Here are links to some of the more interesting stuff from this week.

How Flickr is staging an epic come back

I am still debating if I should sign up for Flickr Pro in order to save all the pictures I have on Flickr from being deleted. I am starting to lean towards doing it but I can’t help but feel they priced the pro-account a bit to high.

The other day I went on Flickr and it was refreshingly fun going back and looking at old pictures. I think that could be the distinction that separates Flickr from Instagram. Instagram is disposable, see it once and never see it again while Flickr is something more permanent a living record if you will.

A Beginner’s Guide to RAID for Photographers

If you have ever wondered how RAID works and if it can help with your backups then this video is for you. I recently had a scare with one of my archive drives and it was a very real reminder that I should stop putting it off and migrate my archive into a RAID backup system.

Karl Lagerfeld: the Chanel years – in pictures

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld passed away this week, rest in peace. The Guardian put together a nice collection of photos showcasing his most iconic shows and creations under his 36 year tenure at Chanel.

Canon EOS-1D X Mark III field testing has begun

On the same day I dropped off my broken 1D X to be sent to Canon for repair comes this rumor about the next generation 1D X Mark III being tested by photographers.

Lately I’ve been lusting over mirrorless cameras and considering if the time is right to begin transitioning, but honestly, all it took was mention of an EOS-1D X Mark III and all that is forgotten. Hopefully, this new model might arrive in the summer or the fall and in which case I’ll be taking two.

I am incredibly confident that this will be the last model of camera I buy that comes with a mirror.


Photos of the Week: Tank Slippers, Baby Sifaka, Molten Steel

Photos of the week from The Atlantic, some great stuff in here and even one from my buddy Jonathan.

See you next week!