Links #6


Looks like the 6th week of 2019 has passed us by, here are some of the more interesting links from the week that went.

Super Bowl LIII: Patriots vs. Rams

Pictures from the Super Bowl on The Boston Globe’s Big Picture section. I did not watch the game, partly because it is in the middle of the night and mostly because fuck the NFL for blacklisting Colin Kaepernick. Glad the rating were so low.

Canon Is Preparing to Announce a Plethora of Mirrorless Lenses

Canon is set to aggressively continue its transition into the mirrorless world in 2019. With this coming announcement, they will have both a 24-70mm and 70-200mm available for their mirrorless system. That is two-thirds of the holy trinity of lenses and only leaves a proper telephoto lens like a 400mm or 200-400mm missing from the lineup.

Kudos to Canon for pushing through this transition as quickly as possible.

How to Open Multiple Images as Layers in Photoshop

You never stop learning in Photoshop. Seriously though, how useful is this tip?

QuadrigaCX: How To Lose $140 Million In An Instant

So much for Bitcoin being the currency of the future.

Flickr gives free accounts a few more days to save their pictures from destruction

Looks like Flickr has moved the date where they will begin deleting images from non-Pro accounts that have over 1,000 images. The new date is March 12th so that gives you another month or so to go in and download all your stuff.

That’s it for this week