Links #3


Let us close out the third week of 2019. I am still on paternity leave and spending my days with my daughter. I am actually going to be working tomorrow night and covering the annual Swedish Sports Awards gala (Idrottsgalan) which marks the first time I pick up a camera for work since before Christmas. But enough of that lets roll into the best links from this past week.

Urban Scrawl: street art around the world – in pictures

The Guardian shares pictures from photographer Lou Chamberlin who has travelled the globe photographing grafitti and street art.

IBIS and 100mp coming to an EOS R camera?

Canon Rumors reports on a rumor that Canon is working on a 100-megapixel mirrorless camera with IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization). They predict it not arriving until 2020 so that Canon has time to release more RF mount lenses. I think this is a natural progression for Canon and a good follow up from the EOS R. I expect this 100-megapixel camera to arrive before Canon is able to make a 1D X style mirrorless camera.



Sure you want to participate in the 10 Year Challenge? If you ask me we would all be better off if we just went ahead and deleted Facebook. The sad part is it’s a monster we can’t part with.

How an Elaborate International Scam is Making the Rounds Among Instagrammers and Photographers

This is probably the craziest bit of photo-related news that I read all week. A Scammer is targeting photographers luring them out to Asia on a fake assignment and then scamming them for thousands of dollars while they are in Asia. Have to read it believe it.

The Increased Risk of Lasers for Mirrorless Cameras

Speaking of mirrorless cameras this past week I’ve seen several stories about lasers ruining the sensor on mirrorless cameras. One was a story from CES where the Lidar system on a self-driving car ruined a camera’s sensor. Another was this story from Fstoppers about lasers at concerts and events ruining photographer’s cameras.

I’ve photographed a lot of concerts and it never even crossed my mind that the light setup could trash a 6,000 euro camera. Luckily with a DSLR, it is less likely as the mirror is continuously coming in over the sensor which helps prevent a laser from burning the sensor. Mirrorless shooters beware!

That wraps it up, see you next week.