Links #11


So I missed doing the Links post last week because of my trip to Tenerife, but we are back again this week with some great links for photographers to check out.

The World’s Best Camera Just Got Better: Sony a9 Update 5.0 Released

If you read my post about my trip to Tenerife you know I got to try the Sony a9 with the 5.0 firmware. Well know it’s been released to all Sony a9 owners. Enjoy!

5 Mistakes when using Dodge and Burn // Photoshop Skin Retouching Mistakes

A little Photoshop fun for the weekend.

Wave hunters: 2019 surf photo of the year – in pictures

The Guardian shares some of the best surf photos of the year.

European Parliament approves new copyright rules for the internet

This week the EU has approved what can only be called a set of controversial copyright rules for the internet. As with all EU laws, there is a lot of misguided hysteria and talk of doom and gloom. Meme killer it is not, memes are specifically excluded. However, Facebook will now be responsible if someone steals my picture and uses it on Instagram.

I said it before and I will say it again. About time someone stood up for us photographers.

Canon EOS R to Gain Continuous Eye-Detection AF and More in Next Firmware Update

Perhaps Canon is starting to feel the pressure from Sony because they made a rare pre-announcement that Eye-Detection AF will be available when using (continuous ) Servo AF in a coming firmware update that should arrive in late April.

See you next week!