Ibrahim Bangura

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I don’t get to photograph many of AIK’s football matches, my talented colleague and fellow sports photographer Sami Grahn has that honor. I did get to see AIK live in the season opener when they played Djurgården, the team I cover for Pic-Agency, and I remember being immediately impressed with Ibrahim Bangura.

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We are a little over halfway through the season now, and it seems my initial sensations about the player were right. He’s bagged an impressive 15 goals, and is one of the reasons why AIK is enjoying such a good campaign.

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I covered tonights AIK match for my colleague Sami who couldn’t make it, and while Ibrahim Bangura didn’t make it on the score sheet he was impressive as always. Attempting several bicycle kicks and coming close to tying the match late in the second half. He’s definitely one player in the Swedish league to keep an eye out for.

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