Home premiere goes awry


On Friday I went and covered the Allsvenskan match between Djurgården IF and Malmö FF. It was Djurgården’s home premiere for this season, the season opener against AIK was also a home game for them. However it was played in a different arena as it was a derby and has stronger interest.

Malmö FF is considered to be one of the top teams in the Swedish Allsvenskan league so this was billed as a pretty big match which as a sports shooter is something you always look forward to.

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When I got to the area I saw that the other photographers had all placed themselves on Djurgården’s attacking side. I decided to put myself on the other side in order to differentiate from them and because I suspected Malmö would likely come out strong. Then I would already be in place and with the best position for the second half.

This gamble worked out pretty well. as Malmö made a strong start. I got some great pictures including this shot of Malmö’s number 10 Jiloan Hamad missing what should have been the opening goal.

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Then unfortunately a split second ruined my gamble as Djurgården’s goalkeeper got himself sent off at the end of the first half and I found myself on the side of the pitch where a team playing in ten would be attacking. Which is an early lesson for many sports shooters, you need a bit of luck to find yourself in the right place and with the right angle to get the shot.

Much to the disappointment of the fans, it was more or less all Malmö from that point. Djurgården managed a few counter attacks because Malmö was pressing so hard and keeping a high defense, but they weren’t able to materialize them into goals. Then eventually they gave in to the pressure and conceded a goal to Malmö FF.

More pictures are available on Pic-Agency’s website.

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