Hold shift while adjusting in Aperture 3


This comes from MacCreate and I’m a little embarrassed I never knew about it. But I liked it so much I had to share it.

If you’re like me then you like to work in full-screen mode in Aperture 3, get’s the clutter out of the way and let’s you focus on your images. Unfortunately once you start editing and bringing up the Adjustment HUD you might fight it takes up a little more room than you’d like. Especially when you are trying to observes subtle shifts and changes to the image.

Well if you hold shift while dragging any adjustment slider (doesn’t work on Curves) then the Adjustment HUD will temporarily fade out of sight and left you see your image unobstructed while you make your changes.

Check out the images bellow, on the left I’m using the brightness slider, and on the right I’m using the brightness slider but holding down the shift key.

Hold shift while adjusting in Aperture 3

It’s all in the details. 😀