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The internet is such a great tool for learning and information. So I’m going to try and start making regular posts with links to articles and tutorials that have been released during the course of the week.

Hopefully I can put some people on to useful information and help out the guys that take out the time to write informative posts and articles.

Photo Editing 101 – Surviving The Tidal Wave of Data

Good Photography Links - Michael Campanella Photography

On his blog Chase Jarvis writes a bit about how to deal with image selection when you are importing tons of images in one go. He goes through his process selecting images in Aperture using star ratings to weed out images.

I found it interesting that he starts out by giving one star to anything that isn’t bad. Then filters away the bad shots by viewing only one star and higher images. With my sports photography I prefer to use Aperture’s reject feature on anything that is bad, like out of focus shots or shots where unwanted players or referees have crossed in front of my lens. Then start giving out stars on my second pass reviewing the photos that are left.

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Watermarks in Aperture 3 demystified (Part 1)

Good Photography Links - Michael Campanella Photography

Aperture Expert has a two part article on how to watermark your photos in Aperture when you are exporting them. It’s something I thought I about writing myself for this blog, but since they did such a good job I figured I would just put people on to their article.

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How to use the healing brush and patch tool in Photoshop

Good Photography Links - Michael Campanella Photography

Finally Peta Pixel has a good video on how to use the healing brush and patch tools in Photoshop.

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