Goalless draw between Sweden & Denmark

Goalless draw between Sweden & Denmark - Michael Campanella Photography

Photographed my last football match before the World Cup this weekend and it was a rather boring match that resulted goalless draw between Sweden and Denmark. Denmark was without their best player Christian Eriksen while Sweden saw their best player Emil Forsberg feature for the entire match. Unfortunately for Sweden Forsberg was not able to make a difference. Too often he was forced to fall too deep to get the ball pulling him too far away from the area where his passing and quick thinking can make a real difference. This match could end up saying a lot about Sweden’s performance at the World Cup. Forsberg has done a fantastic job filling in the void from Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s departure, however if opponents can take him out of a game then Sweden becomes a very predictable side.

Sweden’s first match is against South Korea on Monday the 18th of July. From there they will go on to face Germany and then Mexico.