Germany too strong for Sweden

Germany to strong for Sweden - Michael Campanella Photography

The Swedish Women’s National Team normally plays their matches out of Göteborg, so I do not often get to photograph them. In the run to the Women’s World Cup this summer they played a friendly against Germany at Friends Arena in Stockholm.

The game was billed by the media as a match to show that the women’s team is playing on the same level as the men’s. There was a lot of reporting about record number of tickets sold and this match outselling the men’s team.

Unfortunately when the game actually came it was a real gorgeous spring day and the arena did not look at all to be as full as they were reporting it. To me it seemed like a lot of people must have bailed on the game, which makes me wonder what kind of discounted prices they were selling tickets at.

As for the actual match Germany was too much for Sweden, but I would not read to much into it as far as the women’s World Cup goes because the Swedish ladies always make a good run at it.