Fashion Week Stockholm S/S 2018


The last week has been pretty busy. I spent my weekend with both days covering the World Triathlon Series here in Stockholm. I then did back to back assignments covering Princess Victoria at World Water Week and then closed out the remainder of the week, from Wednesday to Friday covering Fashion Week Stockholm.

This was my fourth time covering Fashion Week and I’m starting to feel like a regular at the event. It’s a busy couple of days with no stop events. The challenge lies in trying to cover as many of the runway shows as possible, all the while still covering backstage, street style, celebrities, and ambient. Plus managing to submit everything in a timely manner.

Bellow is a little collage I made for Instagram from some of the runway shows I covered:

Fashion Week Stockholm S/S 2018 - Michael Campanella Photography

This week is a little more relaxed, doing some royals and then go into the weekend to cover the big Velothon bicycle race which I also covered last year and should be a lot of fun.