F is for Football

F is for Football

F is for Football” is an illustration project by Steve Welsh. With this project Steve is going from A to Z making illustrations of footballers. I discovered Steve’s work on Twitter when someone I followed retweeted the illustration he made of Francesco Totti. I gave it a retweet and paid him a compliment. He saw my message and happened to wonder into this website where he saw a picture of Zlatan Ibrahimovic that I took. From there we got talk to talking about the possibility of him making an illustration based on my picture. I was pretty eager to contribute so finding an agreement wasn’t a big problem.

Z is for Zlatan

And there you see the final result. The Zlatan illustration is going to be available as a limited edition print. There are only 50 of these being made. So if you want to get your hands on one you need to move quickly. Here’s what you can do to make sure you get a copy:

– First follow Steve on Twitter.
– Second bookmark his website.
– Third bookmark the online store where he is selling the prints.

The prints will be available shortly. Like I said this is a limited edition, once they are gone they are gone. So get them while you can.