Stickers for my photography equipment

Equipment stickers from

I just got some stickers made to put on all my photography equipment. I wanted something that was going to be of good quality. Very adhesive so that it would not peel off and resistant to rain and water for all the outdoor work that I do.

Thanks to a recommendation from some colleagues, shout out Adi & Mak, I found out about and was immediately sold on ordering from them. This is the same company where our local rental house Ljud & Bild Media has their stickers printed. Having lugged around my fair share of equipment from Ljud & Bild Media over the years, I knew that these were quality stickers.

I ordered stickers in two difference sizes, one larger set at 5×2,5 cm and one smaller set at 4×1,2 cm. I got 50 each and both versions were designed to be cut in half so I really ended up 100 stickers in each design.

Now I’ve been going crazy all morning sticking stickers, on stands, lenses, flashes, and everything else imaginable. I’m normally very good of keeping track of my things when I’m out in the field working, but it’s going to mark things off so you can quickly identify them. Just in time for the World Cup qualifier between Sweden and Belarus tonight at Friends Arena.