Canon 1D Mark IV – Basic Custom Functions


I’ve had my Canon 1D Mark IV for over a half a year and it is one powerful camera. One of the best aspects of this camera is the huge amount of custom functions if offers. Unfortunately the instruction manual is written in a language that at times is difficult even for the most literate of people. Luckily YouTube comes to the rescue.

Bellow is a 13 video playlist I compiled that runs through some of the basic custom functions of the camera, more than enough to get you started. It’s a good watch even if you’ve read the manual cover to cover, because seeing certain things put into practice might show them under a different light.


A special thanks goes out to YouTube user ChristopherKblog, who uploaded these videos and maintains a channel full with a wealth of information on Canon cameras. If you are a YouTube user and a Canon shooter you should subscribe to his channel, as well as my own channel.

Shortly I will try and compile a playlist of videos detailing some more advanced custom functions on the Mark IV. Especially in regards to AI-Servo and focusing for sports photography. I will share it here just as soon as it’s ready.

Stay tuned!