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I was out of town most of the week. I went down to Trollhättan to work on a feature film, doing pre-light in a studio set before the main team arrived to film the scenes. However by the weekend I was on a train and heading back to dear old Stockholm. And by Sunday I was back at Hovet and photographing a little ice hockey.

It was a match between Djurgården IF and Aspläven HC and I was filling in for my Pic-Agency colleague whom couldn’t attend. The first period went by rather uneventfully but then in the second period things came to life and I had 3 goals all on my side of the rink. I caught 2 out of the 3 goals with the player putting the puck in the next, one of the images is featured below. Then on the other goal I caught the assisting pass but missed out on the actual goal.

Check out the images below and then head over to Pic Agency to see more or license some.

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