A new number ten

A new number ten - 1 of 9

It hasn’t been all AIK that I’ve photographed in the past month. Yesterday I was back at Råsunda Stadium and photographing Djurgården as they meet Helsingborg. The star of the show was without a doubt their new number ten Erton Fejzullahus, who with a hat trick single handedly disposed of Helsingborg.

A new number ten - 2 of 9

Kasper Hämäläinen set the first goal up with a cross Erton Fejzullahus and Djurgården took the lead early on. Helsingborg would go on to equalise only to see Erton Fejzullahus make it 2-1 before the half.

A new number ten - 3 of 9
A new number ten - 4 of 9
A new number ten - 5 of 9
A new number ten - 6 of 9
A new number ten - 7 of 9

In the second half Erton Fejzullahus went on to bury a third goal before being substituted to a standing ovation including applause from Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and his family.

A new number ten - 8 of 9
A new number ten - 9 of 9

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